Have you ever wondered why some people think about themselves as being a `good catch` and extremely attractive, while others question their value as potential partner? Why some people spend tremendous amount of time and effort flirting or searching for a partner, while others don`t? Why some people are pickier when choosing a partner? Finally, why people remain in monogamous relationships while others cheat?

An extensive psychological study was designed in order to investigate these questions and potential answers. This piece of research aims to unravel how human personality affects the way we perceive ourselves as a potential partner and how much effort we put in to get, retain and become a partner.

Can our personality predict the way we behave in a relationship or even what kind of relationship and partner we search for?

Human personality has been an area of interest to many divisions of psychology. This study aims to investigate the interaction and the crucial relationship between personality, mating effort and mate value. This research is completely anonymous, confidential and voluntary and has been designed for the purpose of an Honours project in Psychology (BA) at Edinburgh Napier University. If you would like to receive more information about the project feel free to contact Joanna Chabinska at jcha1@o2.pl

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